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New picture of spring ploughing: there are no machines walking everywhere

in "counting Nine Songs" to find a way to solve this problem, people often use "nine plus one nine, plowing cattle walking everywhere" to describe the grand occasion of spring ploughing and preparation when spring returns to the earth. However, in a recent interview in the eastern, central and western regions of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it was found that there were no slow cattle in the farmland today, and instead, various efficient agricultural machines and tools were used. "Machines everywhere" has redrawn the new picture of spring ploughing in northern China

Hetao area has fertile soil and developed irrigation system. It is the main production area of wheat and other crops in China. After the spring equinox, red and green tractors came and went in and out of the farmland in Chunguang village, Shanba Town, Hangjinhou banner, Bayannur City. The error of the tail of these tractors is generally negative, dragging the fertilizer applicator and planter, and the land they pass through is both fertilized and seeded. Seen from a distance, tractors are like elves, pacing leisurely in the fields

"I haven't seen a farm cow in the field for many years." Wang qiaomei, a villager of Chunguang village who was watching TV at home, couldn't help laughing when she heard that someone in the village was farming with cattle. "Now planting depends on machines and harvesting depends on machines. As early as seven or eight years ago, the village used machines to sow and harvest." Wang qiaomei's 10 mu of land was planted with wheat during spring ploughing this year, and the harrowing, sowing and fertilization were all completed by agricultural machinery

"in the past, farming depended entirely on cattle and manpower. As soon as I planted land, I became angry. I had to work while drinking Coptis water. Where cattle can't dry well, I had to make up for it by manpower. When my back pain was severe, I took painkillers, and then I took them again." She said, "now it's OK. People watch TV at home, and machines do all the farm work."

Bayannur City is the first area in Inner Mongolia to start large-scale spring farming. This year, 75 agricultural machinery production enterprises and 58 agricultural machinery distribution enterprises have been coordinated in the city to prepare agricultural machinery worth 170million yuan, fully meeting the demand for agricultural machinery for spring farming and spring sowing production. From the perspective of the whole region, according to the data of the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry of Inner Mongolia, 1.55 million agricultural machines and tools are planned to be invested in Inner Mongolia this spring, an increase of 11.5% year-on-year. High power tractors, subsoiling machines, laser graders, residual film recycling machines, precision seeders and other green, cost-effective and efficient work tools are widely used, and the equipment investment shows the characteristics of increasing quantity and optimizing structure

the major manufacturer of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Xing'an League in the east of Inner Mongolia, which is the main corn producing area. It is now the busy period of harrowing before corn planting, but in Bayan Aobao Gacha, the right-wing Middle Banner of Horqin, 35 year old farmer Zhang Jing is very relaxed. This year, instead of going to the field to have a look, he "neglected his work" and installed optical fiber networks for villagers door-to-door. "My brother-in-law and I earned 50 yuan for installing one household. Last year, more than 1000 households were installed, and I earned more than 20000." He said with satisfaction

originally, although Zhang Jingjia wanted to plant 110 mu of corn, he was liberated from the land because of the mechanization of harrowing now, and opened up another "way to make money" without delaying spring ploughing. In Bayan Aobao Gacha, there are not a few farmers like Zhang Jing. They open restaurants and do odd jobs. With more identities, they naturally earn a lot. In addition, Gacha used the collective economic income to hire Gacha's "agricultural development and agricultural machinery cooperative" to rake the land for free for all villagers. The villagers did not spend money or care, and raking the land was completed easily

Bayan Aobao Gacha is just an epitome of mechanized spring ploughing and preparation in Inner Mongolia. During the spring farming production period, Inner Mongolia plans to organize and mobilize 2275 agricultural machinery service organizations, with a year-on-year increase of 39.7%, including 1705 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, to carry out spring agricultural machinery operation services of 20.9 million mu

with the rapid development of Internet technology and sharing economy. 4. The expansion and browsing of shatter resistance testing machines, new forms and models of agricultural machinery socialized services in Inner Mongolia continue to innovate and develop. Xing'an League Wulanhaote Shunyuan agricultural and animal husbandry machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. has established a "shared agricultural machinery" platform based on the "shared bicycle" model. "Shared agricultural machinery" operates by means of registration, code scanning, unlocking, and payment. Detailed illustrations and videos of the operation steps of machines and tools are set up at the delivery place in villages and towns, and special personnel are arranged to help farmers and herdsmen install, adjust, and maintain the equipment. Farmers and herdsmen can use all kinds of agricultural machinery only by scanning the code. During the spring ploughing this year, the enterprise put in 200 "shared agricultural machines", including 150 no till planters and 50 fertilizer spreaders, covering all agricultural and animal husbandry owners' flag counties in Xing'an League

"without agricultural mechanization, there will be no agricultural and rural modernization." Zhao Yonghua, deputy director of the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry of Inner Mongolia, said that agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery and equipment are an important basis for changing the mode of agricultural development and improving rural productivity, and an important support for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy. Inner Mongolia will continue to vigorously promote new agricultural machinery and new technologies, increase the effective supply of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery and equipment, further reduce farmers' land costs, protect the environment, improve the quality of agricultural products, and spare no effort to increase farmers' income

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