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New packaging materials escort beverages

in food production enterprises, the main task of packaging equipment is to minimize the loss of product quality in the process of food from initial filling to final sales. When the paper beverage packaging box is sealed, the taste and nutritional value of high nutritional beverages depend on the isolation performance of paper packaging, the interaction between products and packaging materials, as well as different storage conditions and environments

how to ensure the product quality of beverages is the main purpose of every beverage packaging R & D project. The impact of chemical components in beverage products on taste and packaging function, and the possible impact between chemical components and packaging materials need to be tested through long-term storage experiments, and the packaging tests should be analyzed under different storage conditions

for example, the chemical composition of orange juice drinks is extremely complex. Therefore, most beverage packaging tests are carried out with orange juice. In this kind of experimental research, the selected chemical components will be different. The taste part selects liquid alcohol, such as fatty acid ethyl benzoate; Vitamin C is selected for functional raw materials; D-limonene will be selected for the interaction with packaging materials

barrier performance

modern paper beverage packaging box is made of a special liquid packaging material paper, with special isolation material and PE polyethylene material coating, and the isolation material is aluminum film. If the factory needs to go through a low-temperature cooling transportation system, the isolation material used can be aluminum film or EVOH ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer. The isolation performance of this material is determined by its oxygen permeability and oxygen transfer ratio (OTR). In addition, the side, top and bottom sealing of packaging materials is also very important. Under different ambient temperature conditions, a good sealing can effectively resist the invasion of oxygen in the sales process of liquid drinks

when oxygen invades the packaging of liquid drinks, it will lead to oxidation reaction, changes in the taste of drinks and the breeding of microorganisms. Finally, the taste and freshness of liquid drinks will be reduced due to the permeability of gas into the packaging. The packaging with glass or metal as raw materials has 100% isolation capacity, which can completely ensure that the packaged beverage is not affected by the surrounding environment, such as water, oxygen and other gases. The high-quality paper beverage packaging box also has unique performance according to the different packaged liquid beverages, so as to ensure that it can well block the impact of the external environment in the process of storage, sales and transportation, such as resistance to light and oxygen penetration. The shape, printing performance and design of paper packaging box make it a good publicity media. If the raw material of paper packaging box is renewable wood, it is also very economical in procurement

sealing technology

in the past year, plastic packaging technology has developed rapidly. The reason for this is mainly due to its convenient holding, more humanized shape and size design, and its different characteristics from traditional paper beverage packaging boxes and glass bottles. Therefore, many famous paper packaging box manufacturers have to improve the opening performance, sealing method and printing of their products

manufacturers require that packaging materials can attract customers' attention and establish a good market image for the characteristics and quality of beverages. Plastic packaging materials and paper packaging materials will become the most important packaging materials for future beverage production enterprises. Therefore, the latest research and development of paper beverage packaging focuses on sealing technology: focusing on simple and convenient opening and re sealing to minimize the entry of oxygen in the air

quality identification

the reduction of vitamin C caused by oxygen is a linear chemical reaction process, that is, 1mg of oxygen can react with 10mg of vitamin C, that is, about 10mg of vitamin C can be consumed. Therefore, after considering the parameters of the model system, Lubrizol: Medical TPU experts lead the material innovation of medical products and predict the loss of vitamin C over time: the oxygen permeation value of packaging materials, the concentration of dissolved oxygen in fruit juice drinks, the volume of fruit juice drinks, the free volume above the paper packaging box and the oxygen content in this free volume The initial vitamin C content in fruit juice drinks under this layout and the ambient temperature during the sales process. A large number of 2. Output parameters: cycle times or fracture frequency (n); A mathematical formula that can be applied to "real-time calculation" of vitamin C content under different conditions will be obtained

The measured value of this mathematical model is very important in identifying the shelf life of fruit juice drinks. Using this mathematical formula, we can draw a very valuable conclusion of fruit juice quality appraisal without real-time analysis and inspection. If the free top of the paper packaging box is filled with hydrogen, the loss of vitamin C can be greatly reduced and the quality of orange juice stored at ambient temperature can be greatly improved. Because nitrogen is an inert gas, it is very beneficial in preventing oxidation; Of course, other gases, such as carbon dioxide, can also be used. However, in the long run, the sales of glass fiber composites for liquid filtration will reach US $5.8 billion in 2018. For the purpose of reducing vitamin oxidation in fruit juice drinks, considering the cost and technical feasibility, argon is a good gas material

the biggest challenge of developing new beverage packaging materials is closely related to the performance, production technology, packaging technology and packaging design of fruit juice drinks, as well as market orientation. The purpose of the new packaging solution is to make food and beverage better packaged, better protected, longer shelf life, and ensure that consumers are comfortable to drink

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