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A new paint marketing mode: joint promotion of paint + furniture

a new paint marketing mode: joint promotion of paint + furniture

July 18, 2008

[China paint information] - Application assumption of brand a paint in furniture paint sales

market background:

brand a paint has been developing well since it was launched on the market for more than ten years, with a large market share and high popularity, End users are very recognized, which has established the leading position of brand a in the coating industry. The furniture paint of brand a has not worked well in recent years, mainly due to price factors and inadequate service system. After experiencing the pressure of rising raw materials, the price of a furniture paint has also increased several times. Furniture manufacturers are extremely sensitive to the price. Many manufacturers such as "* Chen" take advantage of it, while small brands such as "all nylon has hygroscopicity (humidity sensitive) * color", "Jia *" and "* * Lan" are not willing to be weak. These brands occupy the market share of most furniture manufacturers. As a strong brand, a vigorously promotes "invincible service", and raw materials are also strictly controlled, focusing on quality. Naturally, it is impossible for the price to fall significantly. A furniture paint is impossible to fight a "price war" with these small factories. However, the furniture factory is very concerned about the price, which leads to a contradiction: how to meet the furniture factory's endless pursuit of price with the positioning of a furniture paint in the market, especially the price positioning? Is there a better solution to this problem

source of the solution

we all know computers, and we all know that whether Dell, HP, IBM, or Sony, the construction technology is not up to the standard, adding fuel to the flames, Acer, or domestic Lenovo, Shenzhou, almost all laptops have the "Intel side" logo, as well as the pre installed "WindowsXP" logo. What does it mean? Intel (Intel) is the largest manufacturer of CPU chips in the world, and windows operating system, as we all know, is the fist product of Microsoft. Major notebook computer manufacturers use Intel chips to install windows operating system as the industry standard. "Intelinside" and "WindowsXP" have become the mainstream. Although AMD, the world's second-largest CPU chip manufacturer, has a lower price and good quality than Intel, it has always been difficult to surpass Intel's position. As an advanced market entrant, Intel has laid an industry standard and set a higher entry threshold, which has made amd suffer a lot. Similarly, in addition to its foothold in servers, liux and UNIX operating systems have always been difficult to shake Microsoft's dominant position in windows in personal PC business. So far, most consumers only remember "intelinside" and "WindowsXP". Naturally, computers use Intel chips, which are pre installed with Windows operating system, so they can sell at the starting price. This is a phenomenon worthy of our reflection: Intel (Intel) company, as a supplier of CPU chips, has good quality and high price, but major computer manufacturers, as downstream customers, are willing to use it, Therefore, computers are easy to sell after being labeled with the "Intel side" logo, which is recognized by consumers. Computer manufacturers use Intel's brand for promotion, and Intel is also willing to bundle sales for them by major computer manufacturers, which forms a win-win situation and further consolidates Intel's position

coincidentally, we can now find that more and more bottled brand drinks have logos such as, Sohu, etc. on them. If you win the prize, you will get Q coins for joint promotion with Sohu and other portal stations

can we also introduce this model in the paint industry? This is the basic idea source of this operation plan

plan outlook

there is "Intel side" logo on the computer

intel chip computer manufacturer consumer recognition

there is "a" brand logo on the furniture (the text can be designed separately)

a furniture paint furniture factory consumer recognition

from the above figure, it can be seen that although brand a furniture paint and Intel company belong to different industries, the sales channel is analog, and the brand communication mode also has the same place, Through a long-term business promotion and penetration, brand a furniture paint can also become the industry standard of the furniture paint market, and then promote to the whole country, so that brand a furniture paint is not only the "Intel chip" of market B, but also the "Intel chip" of China's furniture paint industry

I. feasibility analysis of the scheme

1. External conditions of the scheme:

a. The reputation and popularity of brand a paint in the paint Market (mainly in the field of decoration paint) are among the best in the industry, and consumers have heard of it, which makes it easy for consumers to accept if the logo of brand a is pasted on furniture, while in the field of decoration paint, the popularity of "* Bang" is also high, but its main direction is not furniture paint, Or do very little, so it is very unlikely to be imitated by competitors such as "* Bang"

b, brand a furniture paint has a good foundation. Almost all furniture factories have accepted the brand and quality of a, and most furniture factories have also used it. There are also such conditions as "* Bao" and "* Chen", but "* Bao" and "* Chen" have not been rated as Chinese famous brand products and national inspection free products. More importantly, their popularity in the field of decoration paint is far less than that of brand a, Furniture factories are not easy to accept the labels of "* Bao" and "* Chen", and consumers will not recognize them. In this way, the possibility of being imitated by the main competitive products "* Bao" and "* Chen" can be ruled out in the field of furniture paint

c. The furniture produced by the furniture factory is like the notebook computer produced by the computer manufacturer. It is a movable carrier (unlike the decoration company, which decorates a home that cannot be moved and sold at will), which provides convenience for pasting the logo of brand a

2. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the scheme:

a. Borrowing the popularity and appeal of brand a, when the furniture produced by the furniture factory using brand a furniture paint is pasted with the logo of brand a, the sales of furniture can be promoted, and the price can also be sold better, so as to improve the sales of furniture and furniture paint

b. The same furniture is placed in the exhibition hall of the furniture city. The furniture made of brand a furniture paint sells well, which will naturally stimulate furniture factories that have no cooperation. They will consciously seek opportunities to cooperate with brand a furniture paint. At this time, they will send salespeople to follow up, take the initiative in the negotiation, and the conditions of the negotiation will be favorable. The odds of victory will be greater. Over time, brand a furniture paint will have a strong appeal to furniture factories, Form an industry standard

c. When most furniture has a brand logo, it is also a powerful boost to brand publicity and sales of decoration paint, which can improve the overall popularity of a brand and expand market share

d. There are almost no risks in the implementation process of this plan. Even if the expected effect is not achieved, company a will not lose, and the furniture factory will not have risks. We must pay attention to seize the opportunity to implement and improve as soon as possible. As a leading brand, brand a should be a market advanced entrant, first establish industry standards and form an access threshold. If we do not seize the opportunity, let "* state" and others take the lead, Brand a will be very passive when the symbol of "* Bang" appears on the furniture. A market follower has to pay multiple costs to become a market leader

II. Specific implementation steps

1. Market Research: conduct a detailed investigation and thorough investigation of the furniture factory, and further discuss the feasibility of this scheme with the furniture factory owner. In the early stage, it is mainly aimed at old customers

2. Establish customer files: establish files for the mastered furniture factory. The main indicators can refer to the customer file table of the company, and at the same time, explain the acceptance of customers to the scheme

3. Set logo: a logo made of copper or aluminum alloy that permanently accompanies furniture. The design idea is derived from the form of Intel chips, which can be pasted on a prominent side of each furniture. The preliminary idea of the text is "(a brand logo) provides the best surface effect", "a paint quality product", etc. the specific text form can be organized separately. In the early stage, it is free for furniture factories to use, and when the time is ripe, brand royalties can be charged

4. Market momentum: A. send business personnel to disguise as furniture buyers, pay great attention to raw materials, especially the paint used in furniture, and designate to buy furniture constructed with a furniture paint, so that when furniture dealers distribute furniture, they will pay more attention to the brand of furniture factory using oil paint, and this information will have a beneficial impact on the sales of a brand furniture paint if fed back to the furniture factory; b. Consider doing some advertising at the same time

5. Manage the logo: for furniture factories that are interested in pasting the logo of brand a, improve and review their files, distribute logo label materials to those who reach the intention, and send business personnel to track the posting of their furniture. It is required to paste neatly and tightly in a prominent position. In the early stage, 8-10 large and medium-sized factories should be selected for pilot

6. Business follow-up: strengthen customer visits, visit new customers while maintaining old customers, but do not mention cooperation in the early stage, and see the furniture factory's response to the plan

7. Follow up with furniture factories that require to post a brand logo, the same as 5

8. Formulate sales policies: a stable sales policy is very helpful for sales management. After the implementation of the plan, at the same time, formulate relatively stable price policies, rebate policies, product policies, service policies, distribution capacity, revise contracts, establish perfect customer files, and implement quantitative management

9. Comparative test: in the process of operation, you can do a comparative test at the booth of furniture city. For example, two desks have the same style and color. One is pasted with the logo of brand a, but the price is 10-30 yuan, and the other is not pasted (the paint uses another brand), but it can be cheaper. The price of the two desks should not be too different. The shopping guide should have a unified caliber, explain the situation of raw material paint, and let customers choose

10. Furniture sales process reengineering: send business personnel to carry out simple paint training for the shopping guides of furniture dealers or furniture factory direct sales stores, so that they can have a preliminary understanding of raw material paint, and then explain the current situation of company a and the leading position of a furniture paint in China's furniture paint market, so that they can understand that using a furniture paint is also a good selling point, and customers can accept it more easily, It is also a good promotion for brand a

11. Linkage sales:

a. While repeating 4, send more business personnel to carry out community publicity. At the same time, select 2-3 furniture factories that have strength and provide publicity materials (the furniture factory materials must have the content of brand a paint. Have seen the structure, operation method and logo of the concrete pressure testing machine introduced by the company's technicians, and the specific content will be determined separately), The community staff can distribute the publicity materials of product a and furniture together. Of course, the publicity of product a is the main, supplemented by the publicity of furniture

b. For customers who buy brand a decoration paint in the store, establish customer files, so as to control the operation of the motor and make the service work more in place, which can be extended to being a customer's furniture purchase consultant. Since customers have purchased brand a decoration paint, that is, they have recognized brand a products, under the same conditions, customers are also more likely to accept the furniture made of brand a furniture paint, which can stimulate furniture sales, Naturally also pull

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