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Add new papermaking technology to end "wood papermaking"

recently, a pulp mill in Canada developed a new type of paper. Its raw material uses local ordinary crop fibers to replace wood. The texture, strength and toughness of the paper can be comparable to that made from traditional wood pulp - cutting down native forests will have a negative impact on the global climate. The practice of cutting trees and making paper has always been called "killing the goose that lays the egg" by environmentalists. Recently, a pulp mill in Northern Alberta, Canada, has developed a new type of paper. Its raw material uses local ordinary crop fibers to replace wood. The texture, strength and toughness of the paper with integrated structure can be controlled, measured and operated, which is comparable to the paper made of traditional wood pulp

this pulp mill invested US $40million to build a special pulp milling and trial production workshop. The director of the factory said that this new type of paper can be applied to almost any paper field, including office paper, tobacco paper, sanitary paper, export paper, and even cash printing

the manager of the pulp mill informed: "we are planning to rebuild and expand several pulp milling workshops. Our pulp milling workshop continues to run stretching, 90 degree stripping and drum stripping experiments seven days a week. At present, the technical capacity of this pulp milling and trial production workshop is to process 1000 tons of Wheat straw and other raw materials per day. This number is bound to double in the next five years."

the pulp mill is signing contracts with local farmers to widely cultivate relevant crops. It is reported that each acre of cultivated land can produce an average of 1 ton of wheat straw hay. There are 50million acres of agricultural land in Alberta. The data processor of Alberta Department of Agriculture said that 23% of local wheat straw hay was used as cattle and sheep feed. The raw materials of this new type of paper include flax fiber, hemp fiber, cereal fiber, straw, wheat straw, etc., all from ordinary crops

nowadays, the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance of modified plastics have been improved breakthrough. Can non wood fibers replace wood fibers? In order to change the current situation of tree cutting and papermaking, many papermaking enterprises all over the world have made a lot of attempts for a long time. As we all know, forest resources are extremely limited, and it takes many years to become timber, while the growth cycle of crops such as corn, flax and weeds is much shorter and requires much less care

therefore, as soon as the new papermaking technology of this Canadian pulp mill was launched, many environmental protection agencies said that "the gospel era of forest trees providing lessons and suggestions for China's biodegradable plastic technology and industry is not far away"

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