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South Korea develops new packaging technology: the freshness of small tomatoes can be extended by 2 times

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core tip: Recently, the Korean agricultural vibration Department developed a new packaging technology, which can extend the freshness of small tomatoes by 2 times

[China Packaging News] on July 27, the South Korean agricultural vibration Department announced that it had developed a new packaging technology that can extend the freshness of small tomatoes by twice. This technology is mainly realized by connecting the instrument to the power supply through 5.1 and replacing the air in the small tomato packaging container with a certain proportion of mixed gas. It is reported that the core of this technology is to pack small tomatoes with gas that can maintain freshness. The gas used is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide

the specific method is to fill the container with 750g small tomatoes, extract the air to form a vacuum state, and then fill the mixed gas of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The proportion of the mixed gas is 91% of nitrogen, 6% of oxygen and 3% of carbon dioxide. The plastic film used for packaging is the plastic film with the smallest change in gas concentration under the circulation environment of 10~20 ℃, and its oxygen permeation rate is 25000 OTR (oxygen adjustment clearance transmission rate, cc/24hr ㎡)

under the circulation environment of 15 ℃, compared with ordinary vacuum packaging, this technology reduces the breathing rate of small tomatoes by 1/3, and the time for small tomatoes to remain fresh is also extended from 3 days to 6 days. Under this technology, in addition to the effect of reducing the respiration rate of the fruit, it also has the effect of maintaining the color of the fruit surface, the hardness of the pulp and the freshness of the pedicle, and the transmission efficiency is high

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