The hottest new paint products emerge in endlessly

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New paint products emerge in endlessly

with the rapid development of science and technology, new decorative products emerge in endlessly, and all kinds of furniture and decorative paint with unique functions are not available, adding warmth to the room and being welcomed by consumers

fire resistant paint this kind of paint developed by a Bulgarian company is made of PVC and aluminum silicate as the main raw materials. If the metal structure is coated with 5 layers, it can play a fire prevention role. It can protect the steel that reaches the fire point, and will not be heated to a dangerous degree within 1.5h

luminous paint this paint was developed by London Daily Chemical Pigment Company in the UK. When the paint was developed, Tianjia

developed a kind of cannon powder. This kind of cannon can fire cannon powder, store sunlight energy during the day, and glow at night. Using it as building paint can make buildings bright and clean at night and save electricity

non drying paint this kind of paint developed by American Reck Safety Products Co., Ltd. will never dry after coating under the condition of temperature and humidity, and can be used for coating columns, downpipes and grooves. Due to its non drying nature, it can prevent thieves and saboteurs from climbing with columns, downspouts and grooves

odor absorbing paint this oil invented by Swedish scientists at this time, the temperature controller on the left and the timer on the right will have a display paint, which can form a layer of deviation holes with more than one setting. It can absorb all kinds of odors spread in the air, not only remove pungent odors such as onions, fried fish, kitchen smoke, but also make the air fresh in the contracting City, rest rooms, changing rooms, hotels, bars and other public places

insecticidal paint this kind of paint developed by a French paint factory is a kind of

emulsion grey paint that can not only kill insects, but also beautify the environment. It can slowly volatilize the drug, kill or drive away flies, mosquitoes and other insects, and release the smell of spices, so as to maintain a comfortable fragrance environment indoors

flexible paint this paint launched by Dunlop company in the UK can be used to protect flexible rubber and polymer products from corrosion and dirt. It can be used to coat hoses, bushings, shock mounts and rubber products that are vulnerable to oil, ozone, ultraviolet light, acid

and alkali pollution and corrosion

antibacterial paint SKK paint company of Japan developed and produced an antibacterial paint. With this kind of paint, one layer of primer and two layers of antibacterial paint can reduce the probability of bacterial infection. It is very suitable for decoration in rooms, offices, nurseries, restaurants and other places

anticorrosive paint a Russian Research Institute has successfully developed an epoxy cottonseed

phenol anticorrosive paint suitable for anticorrosion of metal structural materials. This paint contains no more than 30 grams of chloride ions and sulfate ions. Its components include epoxy resin and

cottonseed phenol amine curing agent. Various pigments are added to the paint to obtain coatings of different colors. The paint can withstand high temperature of 40 ℃

, and can be brushed, sprayed or roller brushed. The coating is dry at 20 ℃ for no more than 1 day and night, and has high hardness and bending resistance

There is a polyester decorative paint produced and designed for different wood products in the market. It is not only good in hand feel, plump and moderate, realistic in antique effect, but also heat-resistant, water-resistant and oil-resistant. It is suitable for wood decoration such as high-grade office supplies,

furniture, musical instruments, floors, etc., and it is hot, wear-resistant and easy to use and operate

wood decorative paint this is a new solvent-free and non-toxic wood decorative paint. Its paint color uses a special chemical

structure, which can quickly dry and decorate the surface of wood. It has no oily smell, flat and bubble free, and will not dry and crust on the paint brush. It brings a beautifying effect that can't be replaced by other

paints with rich colors for household wood products and old furniture

novel stone paint there is a novel stone paint in the foreign market. This high-tech stone like paint and non stone

non paint product is sprayed on the walls of buildings like ordinary paint. After 24 hours of natural air drying, all kinds of colorful landscapes and geometric patterns immediately appear, and the feel is the same as that of marble. The raw materials of stone paint are all from nature, free of

poison, tasteless, no environmental pollution, and have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, heat insulation and flame retardancy. The construction is consistent with the general painting process

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