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Art in glass, art glass processing and application

art glass is a very popular kind of glass now, mainly because of its uniqueness and artistry, which is very popular with modern people. When we see art glass, many people only know its surface. I don't know anything about art glass. In order to enhance your understanding of this aspect, let's introduce it to you


art glass is an object that takes color art glass as the carrier, plus some arts and crafts techniques to reproduce reality, emotion and ideal, and then combines imagination to realize the mutual objectification of aesthetic subject and aesthetic object. Specifically, colored art glass is an image reflection of people's spiritual world in real life, and it is also an organic product of artists' comprehensive psychological activities such as perception, emotion, ideal and idea. Art glass in the broad sense covers all glass products with glass material as the carrier, reflecting design concepts and expressing artistic effects, including works of art, handicrafts and decorations, while art glass in the narrow sense only refers to works of art

processing method

the material of hot-melt glass is float glass. The thickness of the glass depends on the shape and requirements of the product, but the glass must be cleaned and then dried. If there are oil stains, dirt, etc., it will be displayed on the glass surface after hot processing. The tin side of the glass must be downward. To determine which side of the glass is the tin side, you can use the tin side detector or observe the cutting section, and judge by experience

the main equipment of hot-melt glass is a hot-melt furnace, which adopts box type electric heating, and an infrared electric heating tube is installed on the upper part of the furnace as a heating element. It mainly uses radiation heating to heat the flat glass placed in the furnace. The infrared electric heating tube makes the temperature distribution in the furnace more uniform than the resistance wire heating. The temperature system in the furnace is controlled by the digital temperature control box, which is heated and maintained according to the specified heating curve, and annealed according to the annealing temperature system. The heat treatment temperature is determined according to the variety, thickness and processing pattern of glass. It must be 785 ℃ above the softening point of glass, 770 ℃ for green float glass, and the heat preservation time of plastic granulator operation in a wide range of areas of the national economy is about 2. About 5h

life application

in life, we often see that many different glasses bring us different feelings, but no one will consider the material and technology of glass. In fact, many glasses belong to a kind of craft glass, whether at home or in office buildings, or teach "said Mr. Gao Anan, vice president of Asia Pacific Utilization and Development Department of Bayer materials technology coatings, adhesives and special chemicals business department. There will be craft glass, which seems to exist 6 It is to better prove that the world is so beautiful when you ask for change alone

at home, we can see lovely chandeliers, especially when the lights are turned on at night, we can see colorful colored lights illuminate the whole room. In an instant, the whole room became romantic and warm because of its existence. The most important thing is that these craft glasses can also disperse ultraviolet radiation, which is undoubtedly a good help to human body

the craft glass seen in the building is full of praise. It is not only a symbol of art, but sometimes a symbol of facade. In many company buildings, we can see an atmospheric and meaningful chandelier in the center. In fact, this kind of chandelier is made of craft glass

it can be said that craft glass and painted glass are almost the same, but the scope of craft glass is broader, and the scope of painted glass is relatively narrow. Then where is the beauty of painted glass, which is mainly reflected in its color

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