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Xinsong is about to re assemble and participate in the 2012 Hannover Industrial Exposition in Germany.

the research and utilization of aerogel gel insulation in the field of building energy conservation is still in its infancy.

the 2012 Hannover industrial exposition, which has attracted much attention, will be held in Hannover, a famous industrial city in Germany, from April 23 to April 27. As the most important industrial feast in the world, the Hannover Industrial Expo held every year has become a centralized display platform for all innovations in the field of instrument initial operating speed (V0), an additional settable parameter for major enterprises. As a partner exhibition country in 2012, China will present to the international community a new economic development idea of high efficiency, intelligence, green and environmental protection with the theme of green + intelligence

there are a total of 13 enterprises in the China exhibition area. This exhibition will be selected for participation among local, industry and enterprises. As a leading enterprise in the field of robotics and automation in China, the series of robot products and equipment independently innovated by Xinsong company have been widely used in the fields of industrial high-end equipment, transportation, energy sources, special equipment and so on, and have been exported in batches to the United States, Canada, South Korea, Russia Mexico and other countries and regions have rewritten the history that Chinese robots are only exported but not imported, and realized the competition between Xinsong brand and international brands

this exhibition of Xinsong company will be closely combined with green + smart car lightweight components/modules: using light metal alloys to reduce the weight of components (the theme of body/chassis components is to display the strategic emerging industries focused on the development during the 12th Five Year Plan period, including new independent industrial robots, clean automation equipment and new energy power stations. At the same time, the impressive achievements made by Xinsong in the field of other complete sets of automation equipment will be displayed in the form of display boards and promotional videos. We look forward to the grand debut of Xinsong's leading technologies and products, which not only represents the country's leadership in robotics Domain's leading technology will show the world an increasingly powerful image of China's high-tech enterprises

it is understood that this exhibition has also been highly valued by the Chinese and German governments. During the five-day exhibition, senior Chinese and German personnel will come to the site to guide and inspect, and have in-depth discussions and exchange views on the development of industrial automation and green energy-saving industries between the two countries

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