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New paper packaging: the trend of the era of environmental protection packaging

among the four pillar paper, plastic, metal and glass materials of modern packaging and printing, paper has the fastest growth, the cheapest price, extensive sources of raw materials, and it is not as insoluble as plastic, as fragile as glass, as heavy as metal, and easy to carry. In addition, paper products are easy to decay, which can be recycled. Windformxt2.0 is a high-performance polyamide material mixed with carbon. It can be used as paper or plant fertilizer, and it can reduce air pollution and purify the environment. Here, compared with plastic, metal and glass packaging, paper packaging is recognized as one of the most promising green packaging and printing materials

I. green packaging and printing paper bag

Donghua Paper Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Daxing Special Paper Research Institute jointly trial produced a new type of green packaging and printing paper with environmental protection and high strength. The product uses waste paper as the basic material of paper. While continuous operation, the water-soluble yarn is spun into high-strength green packaging and printing bag paper with buried yarn at one time. In the production process, there is no pulping, acid, alkali and waste liquid removal. While using renewable resources to implement green packaging projects, it also effectively solves the problem of white pollution in environmental protection. As a product with high strength and green packaging and printing, this product has good burst resistance, moisture resistance and anti-counterfeiting. The water-soluble yarn in intermediate grade can be dissolved in 95 ℃ water and can be recycled. Tested by the national packaging and printing quality supervision and testing center, all products have reached the standard of excellent products, and have obtained the technical approval of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions

II. Paper mold

pulp model is the process of breaking waste paper or finished pulp into mud, molding into products with molds through vacuum adsorption, which is referred to as paper mold for short. It is usually divided into two categories: daily necessities such as snack boxes and convenience bowls produced with finished pulp as raw materials, and industrial supplies produced with waste paper as raw materials for packaging, padding and filling materials to replace foamed plastics

paper mold is produced with the solution of the pollution problem of foamed plastics. It is a new environmental protection industry, focusing on the research and development of high-tech products such as variable-frequency capacitor pumps and water turbine units. Due to the increasingly serious white pollution caused by foamed plastics, difficulties in waste disposal and high recycling costs, internationally developed countries have legislated to prohibit production, sales, import and use. After years of repeated tests and comparisons, paper mold products have become the best substitute. The product can be recycled in the environment, which is similar to plants and decomposes by itself. With its unique geometric structure, it has shockproof and impact resistance functions, as well as anti-static and the elasticity of the paper structure itself, which is equal to or better than foamed plastic in force value test. For this reason, the packaging and printing and environmental regulations issued by the European Union in 1991 clearly stipulates that polystyrene (PS) foam should be avoided in packaging and printing and replaced by pulp model products. The international organization for standardization has issued ISO14000 products (environmental management standard system). The key points are: Rehe enterprise obtains raw materials, product manufacturing, packaging, printing oil, and in the form of productization, the original service provider continues to provide its customers with a variety of standardized product inks, after-sales service and use, and even extreme treatment. All links must meet the requirements of not damaging the environment and not generating pollution, The principle of easy recycling. Product manufacturing enterprises consciously implement this standard, which reflects the social sense and reputation of the enterprise

mold products have the following characteristics: the raw material of paper mold packaging printing materials is waste paper, which will not cause obstacles to the environment and recycling, which is conducive to the product export of manufacturers, and paper mold packaging printing materials have a wide range of applications; The comprehensive cost is low, the process of paper mold is simpler than that of foamed plastic, the production time and cycle are short, the energy consumption and raw material cost are low, and the anti-static, anti-corrosion and anti shock properties are better than those of foamed plastic. Knowledge because the protective function of firing plastic products is determined by the cushioning performance of their materials. The mechanical structure of the geometric shape of paper molded products and the material itself are comprehensively formed and buffered. In the force value test, its creep and plastic deformation are better than foaming. Strength agents can be added according to the requirements of different packaged products to achieve a variety of functions, which can not be achieved by a single physical property of hair plastic. Paper mold products can be stacked and stored to reduce transportation and other costs

paper mold products have developed from the original egg tray to thousands of packaging and printing varieties. The progress of basic equipment and technology shows strong vitality. Now paper mold packaging is widely used in developed coastal areas, which provides new development prospects for enterprises to reduce costs, improve competitiveness, establish enterprise image

III. transfer metal card

vacuum aluminum spray transfer card, commonly known as transfer gold card. This kind of gold card paper not only has a gloss comparable to that of cellophane, but also has a matte color. Therefore, the transfer gold card paper has become an internationally recognized packaging material with its high quality and easier to be used. At present, there are two kinds of paperboard, printing type and composite type, which are widely used in the domestic packaging industry. As a new type of encircling packaging material, vacuum aluminum spray transfer paperboard, the introduction and improvement of its production process has attracted close attention of domestic packaging material manufacturers and packaging printing

vacuum aluminum spray paper (commonly known as aluminum paper in the South), filter coated paper, evaporated paper, etc. are more and more widely used in the packaging and printing industry in the world, and are not only green materials of plastics. Because of its noble and beautiful metal texture, relatively low material cost, constant packaging flexibility, stable and reliable printing performance, degradable and environmentally friendly properties, it is more and more popular

Compared with the traditional gold card paper, the product produced by this method has the following advantages:

the auxiliary materials used in the production of aluminum spray paper are odorless, non-toxic, and meet the requirements of food hygiene. It can be widely used in the exquisite packaging and printing of tobacco, wine, tea, food and other products, such as good cleanliness, high smoothness, bright color, bright appearance, excellent printing performance and mechanical processing performance, suitable for intaglio, relief, glue, flexo, silk printing and other advantages, but also embossing, die cutting, and even embossing; It has good degradation and recovery performance, is easy to handle and recycle, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is a necessary material for export products

IV. full paper bucket

full paper structure bucket is a better variety of green packaging and printing. Compared with the traditional iron hoop bucket, it cancels the iron hoop and wood bottom cover, and is a kind of paper bucket with full paper structure. Due to the elimination of iron and wood parts, the equipment for producing full paper structure barrels eliminates equipment such as punching machines and plate shears, which greatly reduces energy consumption and eliminates noise. At the same time, the iron parts of traditional iron hooped paper barrels need to be pickled, brushed and sprayed, which will inevitably pollute the environment. Therefore, the production of full paper structure barrels greatly reduces the environmental pollution of production links. The production of full paper structure also has the following advantages; The simplification of raw materials, the reduction of management links, the elimination of iron hoops, etc., the simplification of processing procedures, the reduction of labor intensity, the improvement of work efficiency, and the increase of profits: from the perspective of packaging development, the full paper structure paper barrels not only achieve the purpose of green packaging, utilization and environmental protection, but also meet the needs of export packaging. It is an ideal packaging material

new environmentally friendly packaging and printing varnish has become a new favorite

in recent years, the continuous innovation of new processes, new technologies, new equipment and new materials has brought a new situation to the printing industry, especially the post press processing technology of packaging and printing. With the improvement of people's material living standards and the intensification of trade, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of printed matter. The surface treatment technology of printed matter has become one of the important means of printed matter value-added and modern commodity promotion. The most remarkable change of printed matter in the late 1990s is the trend from generalization to high-end. Due to the rapid development of China's basic industry and related industries, various glazing processes and technical equipment are becoming more and more perfect. Printing glazing has been widely accepted by the printing and decoration circles. Especially with the development of market economy and the impact of international trade, commodity production and trading enterprises also pay more and more attention to glazing decoration, and glazing products have been favored by the general public. According to the prediction of China Packaging Association, China's printing and packaging industry will undergo a second revolution of scale and grade in the 21st century; The printing and packaging industry will enter a more brilliant era. It can be seen that the printing and packaging industry is a huge consumer industry. At present, many manufacturers mainly use the coating glazing process, and the consumption of glazing oil is huge, increasing at a rate of% every year. According to the current total printing output in China, it is expected to reach about 160000 tons in 2000, and the market prospect is very broad

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