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Shandong Province focuses on the development of new phenolic materials project

"new energy-saving, flame-retardant, environmental friendly phenolic foam composite wall material project", which has become a key project in Shandong Province in 2010

in 2010, the construction of key projects of Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. received important positive support from the government at the level of troubleshooting one by one - "new energy-saving, flame-retardant and environmental friendly phenolic foam composite wall material project with an annual output of 10million square meters", It has been listed in the guiding plan for technological transformation projects of enterprises in Shandong Province ". the provincial oriented plan project is of great significance to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the upgrading of industrial structure in our province, and promote the sound and rapid development of industrial economy. The relevant provincial and municipal departments will take the implementation of the oriented plan project as the focus of industrial adjustment and revitalization, actively promote it to the society, strengthen organization and coordination, strive for national, provincial and municipal financial support, create good conditions for the implementation of the project, and ensure the smooth progress of the project Benefit the completion and production, and bring benefits into play. At present, the materials used for building thermal insulation in China should first take the resource-saving development path, mainly including organic materials such as polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam, and inorganic materials such as rock wool, glass wool and thermal insulation mortar. The above-mentioned organic wall materials have the disadvantages of poor heat resistance, poor aging resistance, easy combustion, releasing a large amount of toxic smoke when burning, and accelerating the spread of fire. In the major fire of Beijing CCTV building and the fire of Jinan Olympic Sports Center, flammable organic exterior wall insulation materials cannot escape the blame; The inorganic fiber insulation material has the disadvantages of dust and fine fibers polluting the air, and easy to breed bacteria; The insulation effect of thermal insulation mortar is poor, which is difficult to meet the requirements of energy conservation

phenolic foam is a new building material product with superior performance in fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation and light energy saving. Its thermal conductivity is low, and the flame retardancy of phenolic foam is far less than that of polystyrene, polyurethane and other foam widely used in the construction industry at present. Phenolic foam does not burn, deform, emit harmful gases and drip under the flame of welding gun, but is only the experimental space for manual level adjustment of surface carbonization. Therefore, replacing polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam with phenolic foam can provide a new kind of lightweight building materials with excellent fire prevention and fire resistance performance for construction projects, which can fundamentally eliminate flammable building materials and eliminate the disaster caused by fire hazards; The project adopts fluorine-free foaming technology, modified synthetic resin and composite emulsification system, so the phenolic foam is uniform and delicate, and the new phenolic foam composite wall material truly achieves high-efficiency heat preservation, safe use and green environmental protection; Because of its light weight, high strength, flame retardant, thermal insulation and other characteristics, it will bring great convenience to architectural design; Because of its excellent anti combustion performance, the building will have higher fire prevention safety, and bring safety to people's living, working and living. Phenolic foam composite wall materials are mainly used in building exterior wall external insulation system, thermal insulation air conditioning system, composite roof insulation board, cold storage insulation board, anti-theft insulation door and other fields. The large-scale implementation of this project as soon as possible will bring China's wall insulation market into the era of "safety and energy saving" as soon as possible

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