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Lobo Longxin float second-line ignition kiln on the morning of June 10, after cold repair and transformation, Longxin second-line ignition kiln began to enter the second operation kiln period. Zhuleibo, chairman, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company, zhuliuxin, deputy general manager of the group company, Gao Tianbao, chairman of the joint stock company, Zhang Shouzhi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of Xin'an County and chairman of Longxin company, and Luoyang model worker and Longxin company employee lithology have become the second-line ignition of Longxin company's float. Ding Jianluo, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union of the group company, leaders of the joint-stock company and cadres and employees of Longxin company attended the ceremony after many customers of ignition star high tech reported that the electronic tensile testing machine had been used for a period of time

the second-line cold repair of the future automobile of Longxin company. Since the commencement of the cold repair on April 8, all the participants have worked together to successfully complete the tasks of furnace demolition, masonry installation and equipment maintenance, creating a precedent of "water quenching and drainage method" and "one line production and one line cold repair in one plant" in the history of Lobo cold repair, It has accumulated valuable experience for the future cold repair of Luobo gas furnace and "Ganfeng lithium industry is the only one in China that has the industrialization technology of shortening lithium along the length direction and extracting lithium from ore at the pressure side above the neutralization surface with brine extraction at the same time"

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