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Lobo Xinjingrun successfully produced high-quality low

in the afternoon of November 26, Lobo Xinjingrun company sent to the group company to measure the temperature of the sample in the stock measuring cylinder and recorded the good news and the high-quality Low-E glass just off the production line. The vice president of the group company, Zhu Liuxin, worked only in the process of the movement, and the Minister of human resources, song Guofa, who is expected to use the strength of capital in the future, attended the reception ceremony of the good news

at the gate of Luobo group company, Wang Xiuli, general manager of Xinjingrun company, read out the good news. After nearly a year of hard work by the participants of Xinjingrun company, the company's low radiation coated glass production line successfully produced high-quality Low-E glass on November 17, with a radiation rate of 0. 09, far lower than 0 of ordinary white glass. 84, the heat transfer coefficient is 1. 66 w/㎡ ·℃, respectively, compared with the 5 evoniks of white glass, relying on brand-new materials and processes. 58 w/㎡ ·℃, double white hollow 2. 72 w/㎡ ·℃ energy saving 70. 25% and 38. 97%, and other technical indicators exceed the design requirements and acceptance standards. Wangxiuli said that she would further improve product quality, expand sales channels, strive to create new benefits and make new contributions to the development of Lobo based on a new starting point

Zhuliuxin, deputy general manager of Luobo group, said in his speech that Xinjingrun company has overcome many difficulties and successfully completed the project construction, equipment installation and equipment commissioning according to the requirements of the project schedule. On November 17, it successfully produced high-quality Low-E glass, and expressed congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the cadres and workers of Xinjingrun company. It is hoped that Xinjingrun company will make persistent efforts, constantly strengthen department management, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, actively develop new products, strengthen market development, occupy the central and Western markets, and make new contributions to the company's turnaround

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