Gasoline and diesel consumption in Thailand fell 2

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In March, the consumption of gasoline and diesel in Thailand fell by%

according to Thailand's world on April 9, the director of the energy trade department of the Ministry of energy of Thailand said that in March this year, the average daily energy consumption decreased slightly compared with February. The average daily consumption of gasoline and ethanol gasoline is 2010 million liters, and the average daily consumption of diesel is 53.9 million liters, which is 5% and 2% lower than that of 21.1 million liters and 55.2 million liters in February, respectively. Compared with the same period last year, the fuel consumption of gasoline and ethanol gasoline decreased by 6%, but diesel increased by 3%

according to the type of fuel, the average daily consumption of 91 and 95 gasoline in March this year fell from 8.9 million liters in February to 8.8 million liters, down 2%; The average daily consumption of ethanol gasoline rose and fell from 12.2 million liters to 11.5 million liters, down 6 percent; The average daily consumption of diesel fell from 31.7 million liters to 31.4 million liters, a decrease of 1%; The average daily consumption of B5 biodiesel was reduced from 22.3 million liters to 21.5 million liters. It took time to increase additional processing facilities, a decrease of 4%

pelabon pointed out that the decline in fuel consumption was partly due to the fact that March coincided with the school holiday and was the end of the agricultural production season, resulting in a reduction in the consumption of commodity transportation and agricultural fuel

in addition, the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in March this year was 432200 tons, with a daily average of about 14000 tons, a slight decrease from month to month. Subdivided into domestic LPG consumption of 200000 4200 tons, transportation LPG consumption of 54600 tons, industrial LPG consumption of 67000 tons, petrochemical LPG consumption of 100000, about 6400 tons in 105 minutes. Compared with February this year, only the consumption of LPG for industrial use did not fall, while the consumption of other LPG fell slightly. In addition, in March this year, Thailand imported a total of 126200 tons of LPG to meet the market demand

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