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Gas barrier between deoxidizer and packaging materials

in daily life, we often find a small package of things in food packaging, which may not attract our attention, but this small thing is closely related to the freshness of food, and explore a new model and mechanism, that is, deoxidizer

what is the effect of a bag of humble deoxidizer? For example, we all know that in the past, tea packaging was mostly preserved by vacuum packaging, but now it is generally used to add oxygen enhancer before sealing. This is because deoxidizer only absorbs oxygen, not inert, so it can better retain the taste of tea. According to the data, some tea makers have tested and compared the deoxidizer with the vacuum tea, and found that the taste of the bubble is different, and the deoxidizer is particularly fragrant

by analyzing the above examples, we will find that it is not anything else that determines the aroma of tea, but the content of oxygen molecules in the packaging bag; After adding deoxidizer, the deoxidizer can completely absorb the oxygen in the package without oxidation, so the tea still has fragrance after a period of time. However, this flavor has a certain timeliness. The length of preservation timeliness is ultimately closely related to the material of the outer packaging, that is to say, the freshness preservation aging is different with the gas permeability of the packaging material. If the packaging materials we use have good barrier performance against gas and even water vapor, the methods of vacuum preservation are still

modern science and technology are developed. There are many kinds of fresh-keeping technologies for food: freezing, cold Kang, preservatives, desiccants, vacuum pumping, etc., but in general, it is nothing more than reducing the existence of oxygen, avoiding the mildew of food due to oxidation, and damaging the freshness of food. Therefore, if food manufacturers want to fundamentally extend the shelf life of food, they must also grasp the fundamental problem - fundamentally control the barrier performance of packaging materials to oxygen

Jinan Languang is the only instrument manufacturer in China that is engaged in the barrier performance test of flexible packaging materials, with a year-on-year increase of 27.73. Its products are involved in the barrier performance test instruments of packaging materials, such as permeability tester and moisture permeability tester. We are willing to exchange our experience in barrier performance of packaging materials with experts in the industry over the years

(author: Zhang Weisheng, Jinan Languang testing instrument company)

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