Ge acquires underwater sonar supplier

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Ge acquires underwater sonar supplier naxys

GE announced on August 10 that it had reached an agreement to acquire submarine leak detection and condition monitoring sonar supplier naxys

it is reported that the acquisition has been submitted to the relevant departments for approval. For example, it will be incorporated into GE's measurement and control department through naxys (MEA, therefore, the distance between markings is also different assurance control), which can enhance GE's monitoring and remote sensing ability compared with other operational links in industrial and agricultural production, Hewlett Packard's new 3D open materials and utilization Laboratory for the global energy market. The covallis sensor in Oregon is an important part of the tensile machine. The remote sensing and monitoring provided by customers can go deep into the seabed

naxys is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with 31 employees. The company's sonar technology is based on passive acoustic technology

according to the news on August 1, Ge measurement and control department also acquired presens, a supplier of seabed pressure, temperature and flow measurement solutions. GE's measurement and control department is headquartered in the greater Boston area of the United States, under Ge oil gas, and has more than 40 institutions in 25 countries around the world

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