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On October 13, GE Energy, the world's leading supplier of power generation equipment and energy transmission technology, made another appearance at the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference, showing its localized business philosophy in China and its enthusiasm and expectations for the Chinese market. Mr. Liu Hong, general manager of Ge renewable energy China, led the team to participate in this exhibition. Relevant people believe that a series of market actions of GE Energy in the Chinese market and the promotion of advanced technology will play a positive role in promoting the development and utilization of renewable energy in China

Mr. Liu Hong, general manager of Ge renewable energy China, said: Ge wind energy regards China as its second hometown, and our commitment to the Chinese market and customers is firm and long-term. It is understood that at the beginning of entering the Chinese market, Ge brought the most advanced 1.5 MW wind turbine into China and settled down in China, experiencing the rapid development of China's wind power industry during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. The first 1.5 MW fan in China was provided and installed by GE. The earliest unit of Ge 1.5 MW fan has been put into operation for more than 5 years and has the longest operation record of domestic 1.5 MW model. At present, nearly 1000 Ge 1.5 MW units are in operation or will be installed in China. At the same time, in addition to providing advanced fan products and services as a global steel producer, GE Energy has also actively carried out deeper cooperation with Chinese enterprises. In September, GE and Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Harbin Electric Group, established two joint ventures to better meet the needs of the Chinese market and users

with the continuous growth of energy demand and the escalation of fuel costs and environmental protection pressure, the world is looking for cleaner and more reliable energy. From the current technological maturity and economy, the province has established a database of experts in the field of new materials, as well as environmental protection and pollution-free, wind energy is undoubtedly the most competitive renewable energy. As one of the largest and most advanced power generation equipment suppliers in the world, Ge believes that wind power generation will become an important part of world energy technology in the 21st century, and continues to develop advanced wind turbine technology for this purpose. With the world's leading production and operation experience, mature design and optimization of components, and continuous technological innovation to ensure product performance and reliability, GE Energy's 1.5 MW series is the most widely used wind turbine in the world. At present, GE's installed number of wind turbines has reached 14000, with a capacity of more than 21 gigawatts. The product line covers land and offshore wind turbines that do not coincide with the main needle. The rated capacity of a single wind turbine is 1.5 megawatts ~4.0 megawatts

at the same time, GE Energy is still investing in the development of new products. According to Liu Hong, Ge will launch new products such as 1.6 MW series and 2.75 MW series with longer blades in the Chinese market in the near future, so as to meet the different needs of Chinese customers

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