Gas control measures in the hottest mine

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Mine gas prevention measures

1. When the gas concentration in the air flow of the heading face reaches 1.0%, all work must be stopped

2. In the air flow of the heading face and other operation places, when the gas concentration in the air flow within 20m near the installation place of the motor or its switch reaches 1.5%, the work must be stopped, the power supply must be cut off, and the personnel must be evacuated for treatment

3. When the gas concentration accumulated in the space with a volume greater than 0.5m3 in the heading face and its roadway reaches 2.0%, the work must be stopped within 20m nearby, the personnel must be evacuated, and the power supply must be cut off for treatment

4. Do not stop the wind head-on. When the wind stops due to maintenance, power failure and other reasons, evacuate personnel, cut off the power supply, set up fences, and reveal warning signs. Before resuming ventilation, the gas content should be measured first. Only when the maximum gas concentration in the air stop area is not more than 1.0% and the maximum carbon dioxide concentration is not more than 1.5%, and the gas concentration in the air flow within 20m near the local fan and its switch is not more than 0.5%, can the local fan be manually opened

5. The electrical equipment whose gas concentration exceeds the specified power supply can be powered on and started only when the gas concentration drops below 1.0%

6. It is strictly prohibited to work in the area where the air is stopped or the gas exceeds the limit

7. Tunneling ⑤ reliability technology with the increasing use of instruments and measurement and control systems, the production capacity in 2010 is almost zero. When the gas concentration in the return air flow of the expanded face reaches 1.5% or the carbon dioxide concentration reaches 1.5%, the work must be stopped, the personnel must be evacuated, the causes must be found out, and measures must be formulated to deal with it

8. The gas concentration in the analysis area of the heating mode difference of the plastic granulator with air off must comply with the gas management regulations of Feicheng Mining Group

9. Gas monitoring and management

① the methane sensor must be installed in a solid support, and cannot be hung on the same side with the air duct, and the distance from the head-on is not more than 5m. The sensor shall be hung at a place not more than 300mm away from the roadway roof and not less than 200mm away from the roadway side, and the place where water is sprayed shall be avoided and protected

② only the monitoring personnel have the right to check the methane sensor, and other personnel are not allowed to adjust it at will

why do you say so? As an industry veteran, ③ the safety monitoring device is checked and maintained by professionals every day to ensure sensitivity and reliability

④ each shift must hang a portable gas meter within 5m from the head-on, with an alarm point of 1.0%, and its hanging position is the same as that of methane sensor

⑤ the alarm point of CH4 Sensor is 1.0%, the power-off point is 1.5%, and the power restoration point is < 1.0%. The range of power-off point is all non intrinsically safe electrical equipment in the tunneling roadway

⑥ implement gas power locking and wind power locking

10. Strictly implement the gas patrol inspection system and the request for instructions and reporting system, with an interval of no more than 4 hours each time. Empty inspection, missed inspection and false inspection are strictly prohibited

11. No less than 2 gas inspections per shift

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