GE Energy Group helps Taiyanggong power plant use

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GE Energy Group helped Taiyanggong power plant to use clean energy and set up a model of Sino US cooperation in energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the introduction, editor's note: the tensile test of GE Energy Group provided relatively simple and low-cost technical products and technical support for the development or evaluation of the mechanical properties of metal materials. Beijing Taiyanggong thermal power plant welcomed an important guest - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

on February 21st, 2009, the long-term and frequent application may lead to the reduction or evolution of oil volume. The Beijing Taiyanggong thermal power plant, supported by GE Energy products and technology, welcomed an important guest - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton visited the 9F gas turbine unit provided by GE Energy Group and expressed her expectation for the United States and China to strengthen cooperation in clean energy and other environmental protection fields

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Beijing Solar palace thermal power plant

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (second from the right) and Ge China president and CEO Luo Bangmin (second from the left)

based on a 10-year contract service agreement, GE energy group is providing long-term energy services such as foot switch for the solar palace gas thermal power plant, including comprehensive parts replacement, maintenance and unit maintenance services for the two Ge 9fa+e gas turbines installed in the power plant, And risk sharing mechanism and performance commitment. The products provided by GE enable the power plant to maximize the cascade utilization of energy and greatly reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. The project has become a successful example of cooperation between China and the United States in the fields of clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection

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