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Ge and Microsoft have reached the largest partnership so far, accelerating the adoption of industrial IOT by customers. The expanded partnership will help industrial enterprises obtain more intelligence from IOT and asset data, thereby promoting GE's innovation in its business

General Electric and Microsoft announced today that they will expand their partnership to combine operational technology with it, and remove the obstacles faced by industrial enterprises in promoting digital transformation projects

as part of the labor union, Ge digital plans to standardize its predix solution on Windows azure and deeply integrate the predix product portfolio with azure's local cloud functions (including azure IOT and azure data and analysis). The two sides will also jointly sell and market to provide end customers with cross industry leading industrial IOT solutions. In addition, Ge will use Microsoft azure in its business to provide additional it workload and productivity tools under the continuing impact of the global financial crisis, including predix based internal deployment, to promote innovation throughout the company

according to Gartner, the company has evolved from talking to implementing IOT proof of concept (POC) and pilot. Although POC projects are often easy to start, few enterprises carry out large-scale plans. Ge Microsoft's partnership helps industrial customers simplify their digital transformation by combining Ge digital's leading iiot solutions. These solutions can extract, store, analyze and process data. Through Microsoft's huge cloud space, it helps customers transform their operations at the enterprise level under certain climatic conditions, thereby improving insight

this cooperation combines Ge polymer's heat resistance and digital's expertise in industrial data and applications with Microsoft Enterprise Cloud to help customers accelerate the deployment of industrial applications, achieve practical results faster, and ultimately promote growth and business innovation

ge also plans to use azure to provide a wide range of it workloads and productivity tools throughout the company to accelerate digital innovation and improve efficiency. This partnership also enables different Ge enterprises to take advantage of Microsoft's advanced enterprise capabilities, which will support petabytes of data managed by the predix platform, such as GE's monitoring and diagnostic center, internal manufacturing and service plans

microsoft azure has announced 54 regions around the world, and currently 42 regions are available - more than any other major cloud provider. Its cloud complies with a wide range of international standards and compliance requirements to ensure that customer solutions can be expanded globally. This partnership also enhances the security layer within the predix platform to meet the special requirements of aviation, power and utilities industries. With azure, Ge can expand its cloud computing worldwide and help its common customers quickly deploy iiot applications

according to the latest data of GSMA intelligence, with the market value shifting from connection to platform, application and service, it is expected that the revenue of the global IOT market will reach US $1.1 trillion by 2025

bill RUH, chief digital officer and CEO of Ge data, said: every industrial company must master digital technology in order to compete in the future, connect machines and make them more intelligent, so as to improve efficiency and productivity. Our customers require us to establish deeper ties between the two companies

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