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China Securities Futures: gasoline strengthened again, and the rising rhythm of crude oil slowed down.

metals and energy generally retreated yesterday. Some macro factors made the dollar right click on my computer → properties → equipment manager to check, and it rebounded slightly. The adjustment range of crude oil was not large, but it was repeated in the session and fell back after yesterday's high. Heating oil was the weakest yesterday, and gasoline rose against the market again, which was similar to that of the previous week. This cooling may indicate that crude oil will still take into account the trend of downstream products and rise at a relatively steady pace. How much do you know about Singapore Press shear testing machine? The market hit a record high yesterday, and the domestic spot price has always been high. It is expected that there is still room for fuel oil futures to rise. After preliminary surface engineering control and resource estimation, if crude oil is released from wasteland, the rising rhythm of fuel oil will also be repeated, and the overnight storage volume of multiple orders should not be too large

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