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Wire cutting: can taper cutting be accurate

first of all, it should be affirmed that in principle, the taper can be cut accurately. Because when the radius of the guide wheel, the center distance of the upper and lower guide wheels, the distance between the lower guide wheel and the lower plane, the height of the workpiece and the sales volume of the cone Boston Scientific are 46% (US $900 million) degrees, the back 215 window can accurately convert the dimensions of the upper and lower planes of the workpiece into the combined motion values of XY and UV by making a mathematical model from the similarity formula in the program μ The equivalent step length can meet the extremely high accuracy requirements

however, in actual cutting, there are still many errors that directly affect the accuracy, such as the guide wheel radius, the guide wheel center distance, and the distance from the lower guide wheel to the lower plane. It is difficult to obtain a very accurate value, and their error values are different from μ The accuracy is about a hundred times and a thousand times worse than that. Cause the false number in the program operation to be true

Another important reason for the loss of accuracy is that the vertical direction of the upper and lower guide wheels is not at the same position when cutting taper. At this time, the root of the guide wheel V-shaped groove is not positioned for the wire, and the V-shaped surface of the V-shaped groove has interfered with the initial position of the wire. This is a variable with extremely uncertain factors, which is a variable with an amplitude ranging from several μ To a few millimeters, which cannot be compensated in any operation. Therefore, on the cutting machine with large taper, the guide wheel and UV axis follow-up structure is adopted, which is also called connecting rod structure, so as to solve the problem that the V-shaped surface of the guide wheel interferes with the molybdenum wire. However, due to the complex linkage system and at least three movable joints, the guide wheel has been loaded on the end of a movable shaft body with poor rigidity and long fulcrum and force arm. The overall stability, rigidity and action lag have become important factors affecting the cutting accuracy

although there are still many insurmountable problems in taper cutting, it is still a powerful function of wire cutting, which can defy the unique advantages of any machining power supply: AC 220V 50Hz, which can solve the special problems that no one in the machining industry can do. The use of taper function has a skilled process of comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation. Targeted process tests and the impact estimation of input parameters on processing results are important experience of taper cutting. Experiments and experience can help you cut taper parts with high accuracy. The first part may not be satisfactory, but the second or third part is completely sure to get a qualified product. Because changing any of the input parameters, such as the center distance or taper angle of the upper and lower guide wheels, it can directly control the size of the upper plane or the size of the lower plane. With the first one as a reference, the second one as a correction, and the third one is highly likely to succeed. After several times of such reference, revision and success, it can also be handy. Finally, with our existing machine tools, the control ability of taper cutting can usually achieve an accuracy of about 0.05, which has high applicability and satisfaction for the production of taper parts. (end)

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